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Cranford to Newark - NJ2NY50 Walkers 18-mile Practice Walk - 4/11/10

Spring was in the air and in our feet this past Sunday. The challenge was to walk segment 2 of the “The Big Walk” NJ2NY50 – 18 miles, from Cranford to Newark’s Penn Station – in preparation for our May 23 event.

Our great and diverse group were looking to strut our stuff along,… Continue

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It's 50-Miles Again, only Bigger - The Big Walk - NJ2Ny50 - May 23, 2010

Are you game to join a new 50-mile hike? How about walking part of it on Sunday May 23, 2010? Click here to learn more.

Last year I began to think about my glory days and decided to make another attempt at a 50 mile hike. I followed the route of Robert F. Kennedy who led the charge that year by walking 50 miles along the Potomac. While I made 38 miles, I was unable to finish and left wondering if he could, or… Continue

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Walkability Adds to Home Value

This article in NY Times talks about a new 4th factor - walkability - in evaluating your home. The first 3 are of course, location, location, and location. "New urbanists" are advocating denser cities designed for pedestrians and mass transportation.…


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Block-A-Thon: A Marathon around one city Block

Block-a-Thon, NY Times, Oct 30, 2009

Here's a story that appeared in the Times last week about a guy living on a typical city block in Brooklyn. Seems he wondered what it would be like to keep walking around the block for the full 26.2 miles that define a marathon. In the company of his dog, Barnaby, for part of the way, Andy Newman finished in 15 hrs 50 minutes (75… Continue

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Blogged Article: How long would it take you to walk 50 miles? Teddy Roosevelt and JFK say 20 hours or less

Interesting summary of the 50-mile JFK hike experience just appeared in a curious website called the Absurd Intellectual (absurdintellectual.com). Grant Hamilton captures the significance of the moment and posits that he(we) should try it (again)!

See article here: Absurd Intellectual link .

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Log for 38-mile Walk - Maryland - 2/7/09

My plan was to take a 50-mile walk following the same path Robert F. Kennedy chose for his historic 50 mile walk in 1963 at this same time that year. I was motivated to see how this hike would have felt for him and also as a way to try and relive my attempt at a 50 mile walk in the summer of 1963. (Click here to learn more about the 50-Mile Hike Phenomenon back then)…


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Log for 5-mile Night Walk

For my last test walk before next weekend's 50-miler, I decided to try out a new Princeton Tec Quad Headlamp for walking in the dark. I anticipate walking at least 4-5 hours in the dark next weekend. Probably an hour or two in the morning and several toward the end of the walk.

I started out from my house at 7pm and headed toward… Continue

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Log for 10-Mile Trail Walk – 1/25/09

I completed a 10-mile walk on the walking/biking trail in Loantaka Park. I started at South Street parking lot in Morris Township and hiked to end of trail at Green Village Post Office. Each way is a little over four miles. I took a wrong turn and ended adding another mile totaling near 10 miles.

My plan was to try a trail walk on a flat walking surface with little traffic in preparation for my planned 50-mile walk on Feb 7. What I didn’t realize was that the entire trail, which is… Continue

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20-Mile Test Walk Log

Yesterday, I finished a 20-mile test walk from Morristown(home) to Mendham and back. My route took me over Washington Valley Road to West Main Street and back via Tempe Wick Road and through Jockey Hollow park back to Morristown then home. It is roughly the same as a bike route I often take. In the national park, I detoured for about 3 miles of snowy trail walking to get a better feel for walking trails.

I left at 9:45 a.m. and returned at 2:45. During the five hours, I stopped at a… Continue

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50-Miles in the Summer of '63

I've been searching my mind for exactly why four of us hiked from Roselle to Netcong, New Jersey (nearly 50 miles) when we were 15 years old. It was a heady time in America when a dynamic young president, JFK, challenged everyone (see The 50-Mile Hike Phenomenon). And, it seemed at that time that we, as individuals and as a nation, could meet those challenges. Of course, there's also a certain invincible attitude… Continue

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