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Hello All, While I am considering participation in your event, I have long desired to stage a walk/march event in the DC area. There are sections of the Greenway available here too now. I have done a handful of Kennedy Marches in Holland and Belgium and one Eurodax event. This summer I am hoping to complete my 15th Nijmegen, Holland 4Day/200km "Walk of the World." Good luck!

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I've read and written some on the Kennedy Marches but have not met anyone who actually walked them. You might have already read my notes on this and how iti connected to that period of time in 1963 - 50-Mile Hike Phenomenon. I too would be interested in another walk - in DC area. I'd like to know more about the "Walk of the World" if you could share that at some time, maybe after this summer's event?

Hello All, I just committed myself to walking-marching the original Kennedy March on the 50th anniversary this February. I hope to continue the trek, doing Kennedy Marches in Belgium and Holland next spring and summer. (I'm also doing the Nijmegen Walk of the World again.) As Teddy Roosevelt, JFK and RFK all figure in this walk's heritage, I'd like to honor them and once more rise to their challenge. It's a seminal memory, "the day the music died:" watching TV and seeing the cross country droves of folks lining the railway to watch the train baring RFK's body. I'm thinking a visit to the eternal flame the day prior or afterward would be befiiting.

Anyone care to join me to reprise RFK's trail, this February, in DC? Who's going to wear oxford shoes?

Are any of you attending the Freedom Walk in DC this weekend? I'll be there Sunday.

Best', Ray Smith

Funny you sent this. I've been marshaling my thoughts to doing a reprise of the RFK walk for sat. Feburary 8th by doing exactly the route Bobby took in 1963. It will be 50 years to the date exactly! I have a couple people at least that would be interested. I would also like to join you in the Nijmegen walk if I can get in.
I did the "One Day Hike" (62mile/100K) in this same area last year along the C&O and might do that again too.
As you might know, I've started a long-distance walking group in the NYC/NJ area called FreeWalkers.org and have others that might be interested in these walks.
Let's talk soon...perhaps this weekend about planning for this. Count me in.

Paul Kiczek
973-214-1811 (cell)
pkiczek@morrisig.com or pkiczek@freewalkers.org

Hi Paul, Others? Maybe we should get-together and do a training walk while dicussing the details of just what we want to do. I really want to do something at Arlington Cemetery, either before or after the 50 miles. Maybe just a simple, reserved acknowledgement? Hope you have recovered from the storms?

Best', Ray

Ray, Sounds like prelim walk could be a good idea. I just got back from weekend in Richmond/and DC but was busy there. I should be back in full swing this week catching up on things. Got power last Thurs. I'll call you this Weds or Thurs to figure out next steps on this. 

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